Who we are

St Andrew’s draws people from across the city and the surrounding districts, more so than from its own parish boundaries (as is typical of city churches). Since 1995, the church has developed a more multicultural flavour, including a sizeable group of Korean parishioners. We have regular combined services but also have a Korean minister who leads the separate Korean language services.

The church is located in Claudelands on the corner of River Road and Te Aroha Street. The central business district and central city shops are a five minute walk away across the Claudelands bridge.

We strive to explore new ways, and to be

  • inclusive and ecumenical in outlook
  • supportive and encouraging of each other in action
  • sensitive and responsive to the needs of all who live within this city

We celebrate the diversity of language and culture in our nation and seek to work in partnership with people of faith and goodwill everywhere to bear witness to the realm of God in our world. We stand with the PCANZ in its determination to be a cross-cultural and multicultural Church with a commitment to the bicultural partnership of Tangata Whenua-Tangata Tiriti.

Our Mission
Worship and work with God in the world

Our Vision
“A bridge to the city … where love and friendship meet”

Our vision is based around a bridge metaphor. Just as the Claudelands Bridge across the Waikato River links the church and the city, we see St Andrew’s as a bridge joining people together: connecting, caring, and learning about Jesus Christ.